Getting closer

After almost 15 years I retired from my job last Wednesday. Apart from student jobs it is the only place I’ve ever worked at. That day I normally would have finished work at 9pm but at 8pm I was surprised with the presence of my boss telling me that we were going for a goodbye-drink. When we arrived at the pub, more people were there. Colleagues, friends, family and my girlfriend all present. Thanks again to my girlfriend and now ex-emplorer for putting this together! We had a great time and, at least me, way too much alcohol. So much was clear the day after… Thanks to everyone who came to say goodbye!

This past weekend I went backpacking with one of my mates. It was his first time with a pack on his back and he got a nice introduction to walking in nature for a few days. Kristof, you did very well! We walked the newly established Lee-Trail in Luxembourg. The trail was very well signed and the scenery was worthwhile! We walked about 55 km (35 miles) and went from down in the valley to the top of a hill to get right back down in another valley. This was the story of the whole weekend. I enjoyed the physical task as well as the beautiful sights and the forests we had to walk through to get there! It was also the first real test for my new hiking shoes. The last 10 years I always walked with proper Meindl hiking boots but now I wanted to change this for the PCT. Meindl boots are great but quite heavy and would be far too hot for my feet in the desert. I now use Merrel Moab Ventilator’s and I must say, I really like them! They feel immensely soft on the feet! I bought them half a size bigger because feet have the tendency of swelling when walking big miles.


Tomorrow my girlfriend and I will be on our way to Luxembourg as well. I know, Luxembourg ain’t that big but when you want to explore a country by walking you can spend quite some days there, even when it is as small as Luxembourg. This time however we will do it the more luxurious way since we rented a cabin. The next 5 days we will be doing beautiful daywalks, having good food & drinks and most of all enjoy each others company. Looking forward to all of that!

Flying off in 2 weeks, starting to walk in 17 days. Getting closer…

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