San Diego -7 days

This weekend we returned from our trip to Mullerthal in Luxembourg. We had an amazing week! What a beautiful area we got to discover! And so close by for us, less than 3 hours of driving. That is to say without the huge traffic mess on our way back. I think we drove about 3 miles  (5km) in 90 minutes. I’m gonna be walking faster than that! But I used the time to catch up on unread blogs from my fellow 2017 PCT-hikers. It’s just no fun when you really, really need to pee! But hey, no accidents happened, getting too old for that, right? But back to the Mullerthal region. This beautiful area is also called Little Switzerland and I can see why. Apart from high mountains there were quite some similarities with the Swiss nature. Huge rock formations appeared out of nowhere. Some creating enormous walls, some just standing up on their own, some overhanging… The nice part was that in-between these big walls or natural statues now and then there were some cracks were you could walk through, some barely wide enough to walk through with a daypack. You instantly feel like some kind of an explorer getting through these narrow gullies. Other highlights were waterfalls, forests and the wildlife. Apart from deer we even got to see 2 foxes which was quite special for us. In all these years of travelling through Europe’s nature I only saw a fox once and that was while driving at night somewhere in the french Pyrenees. I guess that my wildlife-list will increase immensely by walking from Mexico to Canada. Come on bears, show yourselves to me!



In this last week it’s all about completing checklists. Some big tasks like a rough clarity about resupplying on trail or finalizing my gear, some smaller issues like gathering phone numbers from outdoor companies, checking out how to change the units on my watch, putting all the needed files like maps, permits, podcasts, music,… on my phone. The list is like never-ending, for every CHECK a new UNCHECK is added. Actually I should talk about listS since I’ve got some on my phone, others on my laptop and some more written on different papers.


Saying goodbye to parents and grandparents, cleaning up the garden  setting it ready for my girl so she can take over growing vegetables, having a final (yes, another one) drink with my friends,… will all happen these last seven days as well. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not like it’s chaos out here and I can’t oversee it. No no, I’m not that kind a guy, everything is clear but it’s just a lot of this&that. All for the good cause! Actually, I’m happy I still got some stuff to do, waiting out until the actual day comes seems like no fun at all.

In the next few days I will lay out all my gear and make some photos to show you what someone carries on his back when walking 2650 miles (+/-4300 km)

And BTW: in one of my previous posts I talked about awaiting my permit for entry into Canada via the Pacific Crest Trail (meaning: crossing the border in the forest). Well, my application has been approved. All the needed paperwork is completed!

Thanks for reading & talk to you soon!

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