Hey! Oh! Let’s go!!!

Tomorrow morning I am off to the airport for 15 hours of plane-boredom to the other  side of the world. San Diego is where I am heading to. As I mentioned before I will be taken care off by trail angels Scout and Frodo who live in San Diego. I received an email this morning saying they will pick me up at the airport around 8 pm. If everything goes according to flying schedules I will set foot on American ground for the first in my life around 6 pm. This will give me more than enough time to go through customs and the usual security-issues.

Tuesday and Wednesday will mostly be spent shopping in San Diego. I am going to buy 19 days worth of food which I will put into boxes and send to post offices in towns along the trail. One box will go to Warner Springs at mile 109, another one to Hiker Heaven in Agua Dulce around mile 454 and the last one will go to the end of the desert at mile 702, Kennedy Meadows. Don’t get me wrong, these boxes only cover the desert section and the beginning of the Sierra Nevada. Further on the trail I will send 6 more resupply boxes ahead of me. Most of these boxes will be made when I enter Oregon and go in the town of Ashland where buying food for mostly Oregon and Washington makes sense. The journey through these states seems a bit more remote than California. In total I will send 9 boxes to 9 different locations along the trail. Obvious…

  • Warner Springs – mile 109
  • Agua Dulce – mile 454
  • Kennedy Meadows – mile 702
  • Independence – mile 790
  • Vermillion Valley Resort – mile 879
  • Drakesbad Guest Ranch – mile 1348
  • Crater Lake, Mazama village – mile 1819
  • Big Lake Youth Camp – 1992
  • Stehekin – mile 2569

I choose not to send many boxes and whenever possible I will buy locally. Supporting small groceries and therefore small communities is part of walking the Pacific Crest Trail in my opinion. Another reason is that I’m convinced that it is very hard to decide beforehand what food you will be graving for after a few weeks of walking. I am sure some shops will come up with some surprises and solving the resupply puzzle seems like a challenge on its own.

Anyways, what do I know about all of this at the moment? Everything will work out just fine once on trail. After my walk I will be able to tell you more about all of this and I will be a more reliable source by then.

This week I laid out all of my gear I will carry on my back for the next 5 months. It was only today that I put everything in my backpack. Otherwise it would have been a constant re-checking what is in there. My pack is packed and I’m ready to head off!


Some gear will be added once I hit the snow-covered trail and a trowel and water bottles will be picked up in San Diego.

The last words in this post go out to my lovely girlfriend. She has never made a big issue about me willing to take on this long journey. It’s not like she’s happy that I am out of the house for all these months but on the other hand she never wanted to take this away from me. I am very grateful for her understanding and damn, I will miss her. Bollie, I love you and already thinking about it now, although you’re only 10 feet away preparing a wonderful last meal for me, I miss you already!

On our wonderful road trip through Italy last year.

4 thoughts on “Hey! Oh! Let’s go!!!

  1. Tof dat we op deze manier weten waar je met bezig bent en waar je bent, zo blijven we toch op de hoogte. Want je missen doen we nu al!

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