What happens in San Diego?

The morning of May 1st proved to be way too hard saying goodbye to my girlfriend. She dropped me off at the train station and all of sudden it became very, very real that we will probably not see each other for the next 5 months. Actually, that sucked! We’re gonna be strong, right

Arrived at Brussels Airport and boarded the plane to Frankfurt where I connected with the flight to San Diego. Seemed like it was the company’s first flight to San Diego cause they were handing out free slices of pie to all passengers. I refused since I had just eaten a delicious parma-foccacia. I’m much more of a meat-guy than I am a sweet tooth anyways.

I saw my first fellow pct-hikers in Frankfurt while boarding. We had very small talks on Instagram beforehand and I recognised these people immediately from there pictures.

I landed half an hour early in San Diego which I didn’t mind at all. Damn, these flights take forever. I wonder what it must be like flying to New-Zeeland from Belgium. It’s almost twice as long. 

Around 8 pm five other hikers and myself were picked up at the airport and were taxi’ed, for free that is, to the home of Scout & Frodo. Upon arrival there was given us a tour of the house. Everything is very well organised, which is necessary with around 900 people passing by here this year. And yes indeed, this is a house like you know a house: living room, kitchen, garage, bathroom. All opened up for strangers. I guess these host’s only privacy for more than 2 months is there own bedroom. Unbelievable!

The second day, May 2nd, I went to the AT&T store in the morning and got my American sim card. The cheapest plan was 40 dollar/30 days if you pay automatically via credit card. For this I get unlimited text messages and phone calls in the USA and most important 6 GB of data usage.

In the afternoon I went to Vons (supermarket) and bought food for 19 days. Two days worth of food will go in my pack and the rest will be shipped ahead to three different places (check previous post). 19 days of food costed me 197$. About 10 dollars a day. I call that good shopping! In the evening all of us got fed a 3 course dinner which we enjoyed in the garden. 

Wednesday, May 3rd, I made all of my resupply boxes ready to go. Food was sorted out but I still had to sort out cosmetic stuff, maps and so on… I finished my boxes and brought them to the post office and off they were.

Finally, the preparing was over. At this moment people are queuing for dinner and I will soon do the same. After dinner I’ll make my backpack ready to head off in the morning!

Tomorrow morning we’ll get breakfast (frittata, fruit, oatmeal,…) at 5.30 and by 6 we will be on our way to the Mexican border!

Thanks for reading and the next time we meet, I will be on trail!

2 thoughts on “What happens in San Diego?

  1. Ja ik kan goed geloven dat het toch emotioneel was, Saartje gaf het ook al aan. Is ook lange tijd he en jullie zijn dan ook wel een goed koppel dat goed bij elkaar past.
    Wel mooi huis je verbleef en nog efkes goed verwend, is wel tof. Je kon alles goed samenstellen voor je staptocht en alles goed opsturen, ben ik blij om. Nog goed ontbijten en dan de grote start. Geniet ervan en wees voorzichtig! Leentje gaat gaan stappen voor een weekend in de Ardennen. Tineke doet het supergoed en ben ik trots op! Dikke kus van ons allemaal en ook van Phebe

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