Day 2: Lake Morena to Long Canyon Creek

Day 2, May 5, Lake Morena to Long Canyon Creek, 17.7 miles (28.5km)

I left Lake Morena Campground around 5.30. Walking in the morning is a good thing to do around here. I did my first 10 by 10 which means you have walked 10 miles by 10am. 

And I was rewarded for that almost immediatelly. At around mile 10.5 I had to cross a Highway and there I stumbled in to my first trail magic. Lory and Dave, a couple from San Diego, had put up a big partytent with chairs, cooler full of coke and beers, fruits, water and doritos. It was so nice to get a break from the sun. The cold drinks really hit the spot! I stayed there for about an hour and a half before dragging myself back into the hot desert. 

The rest of the day existed of going up, up and up. At mile 37.7 I decided to call it a day. There was a small creek so I had water and I was happy to stop here. 

Tomorrow I get into Mount Laguna and see what I’ll do once I get there. I might spend the day there to get fueled up on food since I haven’t been eaten that much these first 2 days. The heat makes me have no appetite at all. But I sure do need some energy! Let you know!

6 thoughts on “Day 2: Lake Morena to Long Canyon Creek

  1. Had jij geluk zeg toen je de snelweg overstak, maar ik vind wel in die hitte en na al zoveel km stappen dat je een fris drankje had verdiend en zal supergesmaakt hebben. K ben zelfs blij voor jou! En ook al is het heet je moet toch goed eten want je hebt het nodig voor je krachten teblijven hebben om door te gaan en niet ziek te worden door die hitte, dus eten is de boodschap, kleinere hoeveelheden en meer verdelen met die hitte

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  2. Hi Tom,

    Laurie and I really enjoyed meeting you yesterday at our rest stop. We look forward to following your blog and wish you a fun and safe journey!




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