Day 3: Long Canyon Creek to Mount Laguna

Day 3, May 6,Long Canyon Creek to Mount Laguna, 4 miles(6.5km)

So today I only walked 4 miles to Mount Laguna. I got there around 8 in the morning and went straight to The Pine House Tavern for some breakfast. Had some eggs, toast, bacon and a sausage. My stomach felt happy getting some solid food in. Afterwards I walked back to the campground and put up my tent. I had my first shower and damn, a lot of dirt was washed away. It felt amazing.

At the moment I’m at the store drinking a beer and I will buy food for the next stretch. Next stop will be Julian or Warner Springs. I try not to plan too much ahead as It’s really hard to expect what the desert will throw at you. This night and tomorrow it will probably snow. Temperatures might go as low as 20F (-7C). Weird, weird desert!

Tonight I’ll grab some dinner at the restaurant to let the body get fueled up. Let’s see what tomorrow brings!

One thought on “Day 3: Long Canyon Creek to Mount Laguna

  1. Tof plaatsje daar en leuk voor jou eens goed te kunnen eten drinken en douchen. Zal deugd doen! En wat een temperatuurverschil dag en nacht! Grtjs van hier thuis!

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