Day 5: Sunrise Trailhead to Scissors Crossing

Day 5, May 8,Sunrise Trailhead to Scissors Crossing, 17.6 miles(27.5km)

I woke up, checked my watch and it was already 7.15. I must have needed some sleep! I got on the trail around 8.30 and immediately I had these amazing views over the surrounding mountains and desert. 

These were the views I missed out on yesterday. Nice to have two complete different experiences in the same environment. The walking today consisted mostly of going downhill. The elevation would drop around 4000 feet(1200m) to get to the desert floor. 

Halfway in I took a break and laid out my tent and clothes from yesterday to let them dry. The sun and the wind did a great job, after 30 minutes everything was dry. Good to go on! The more and more I got closer to the bottom of the desert the more the temperature increased. It was getting really hot again! Luckily now and then a nice breeze joined the heat! 

After around 17 miles, around 4 pm, I came to a road crossing called Scissors Crossing. Not much later Michael, Chelan, Nathan and his dog Bandit arrived there as well. We all decided to try to get a hitch into Julian, a town about 12 miles on the road. The girl got the first hitch and soon the three boys and the dog were also on their way. I really wanted to get back to Scissors Crossing this evening so I could walk out quite early tomorrow to beat the heat. We were in town for max. 2 hours to have some pizza, buy a beer and hitch back up to Scissors. 

Around 8pm my tent was set up under the bridge and it was time to relax. We had quite some pizzaleftovers and I went around to hand out some slices to the people who were already there. We all get to have a good night of sleep now! Talk to you later!

3 thoughts on “Day 5: Sunrise Trailhead to Scissors Crossing

  1. Leuk dat je af en toe toch wat gezelschap hebt en je pizza zal je wel gesmaakt hebben! Ik geniet van je verhalen, kijk er telkens naar uit!

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  2. Ja en ook heel wat mensen volgen jou al en vinden je verhalen echt tof om te lezen en om te volgen. Het is best boeiend, iemand van bij pepe volgt het ook al en jef en rosette van ertvelde volgen het ook. Ook een inspiratie voornog mensen die zo staptochten doen! En inderdaad een heel mooie herinnering die je nog kan bundelen voor later!

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