Day 6: Scissors Crossing to Eagle Rock

Day 6, May 9, Scissors Crossing to Eagle Rock, 29.3 miles(47km)

Left the bridge on Scissors Crossing around 5.45 this morning. Very soon I was again on higher elevation and could see the desertfloor from above again.

The early morning start made the walking very pleasant. No sweating at all. Actually all day it wasn’t really warm, clouds were covering the sky for the biggest part of the day. By 10 am I had almost covered 12 miles so I knew this was going to be a day were a lot of distance could be covered. On top of that the grade of the trail was very gentle. It went up and down constantly but never really steep. 14 miles in I found myself at the Third Gate Watercache were very kind people stock plenty of gallons of water so hikers would not dehadryte. 

I filled up my bottles and made myself some tortillas. Don’t expect too much of these tortillas, it’s just the wrap with some peanut butter and whatever I have left in my foodbag, now it was with some kind of meat on top of it. Actually quite good! After an hour it was time to end the break and head out again. It was another 10 miles to Barrel Springs were there would be water and possibility of pitching my tent. I told myself I would decide to camp there once I would arrive there. Just before arriving there I past the 100-mile marker. About 25 and a half times this distance and I’ll be in Canada.


Arrived at Barrel Springs and was still feeling good and capable of walking another 5 miles to Eagle Rock. I had a some snacks and water and soon I was hitting the trail again. Upon arriving I took a picture of Eagle Rock and noticed that the comparison to an actual eagle was quite stunning.

I made myself two pasta dishes, one consisted of rice and brocolli, the other one of fettuccini and parmesan. Good food! At least out here! 

Tomorrow I have only a few miles to get into Warner Springs. There I will pick up my first resupply box that I sent there while I was in San Diego. They also have a community center that opens their doors to pct-hikers to get all sort of things done like laundry, charging devices,.. They even have a small shop with things we might need. I’ll check it out for you in the morning! Now it’s time to get in my sleeping bag cause it’s actually quite chilly in the desert at the moment! I guess I will sleep well after this big mileage day. Goodnight!

2 thoughts on “Day 6: Scissors Crossing to Eagle Rock

  1. Veel gestapt deze dag, verstandig dat je vroeg start zodat de hitte nog niet aanwezig is. Chapeau zeg hoeveel km jij doet op 1 dag. Mooie zichten en mooie foto van de arend! Goed en lekker gegeten, dat lees ik graag, je zal wel goed geslapen hebben na zo n dag! Tof dat er genoeg water aanwezig is voor de wandelaars! Het ga je goed!

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  2. Heel inspirend om te lezen en zeer mooie foto’s. Het is heel erg goed at je verstandige keuzes neemt en beslissingen en ben blij dat je goed kan eten! Is wel enorm goed dat er voldoende water is voorzien voor de wandelaars en precies heel erg veel gestapt! En je hebt lekkere dingens gegeten, heb ik gezien en vind het zeer mooie foto’s, die winkel is ook wel zeer erg handig als je dan iets nodig hebt! Vele groetjes Tineke

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