Day 7: Eagle Rock to Warner Springs

Day 7, May 10, Eagle Rock to Warner Springs, 3.3 miles(5.4km)

Eagle Rock was still covered in fog this morning when I headed out on my way to Warner Springs. It was a short 3 miles to the road crossing and I got there about an hour later. I walked the one extra mile on the road to get to the post office and arrived there 5 minutes before opening. I got my ressuply box and went next door to the Warner Springs Resort Golfcourse for some good All American Breakfast. It was delicious!

When I was about to leave Nathan and his dog Bandit just arrived. I really like both of them so I stayed with them and eventually we decided to head back to the community center and from there on it was clear that I wouldn’t walk much anymore today. I took care of several chores like taking a bucket shower, doing bucket laundry and charging devices but most of the day was all about having drinks and chats with other people. It was a great, lazy day. 

Tomorrow I head back out in the mountains again!

2 thoughts on “Day 7: Eagle Rock to Warner Springs

  1. Mag ook eens genieten van een luie dag na al die inspanning he! Zal deugd gedaan hebben en in tof gezelschap volgens jou, altijd eens leuk!

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