Day 8: Warner Springs to Mike Herrera’s Place

Day 8, May 11, Warner Springs to Mike Herrera’s Place, 17.8 miles (28.6km)

Nathan, Michael & myself were at the golfcourse at 8 to hit their breakfast again. Again, it was great! We headed back to the community center afterwards and hang around there until 11.30. We said goodbye to our laziness and started walking. The first miles went over flat meadows. And there were cows! First farm animals I’ve seen on trail. 

Soon we were walking along the Agua Caliente creek. We crossed it a last time 6 miles in. From there on it was all uphill. We had to gain more than 3000 feet(+1000m) but the grade was again very gentle. The desert showed itself today as a very beautiful lady. The landscape was stunning as were the flowers alongside the trail.

I was in a very good place! The climb was more or less over, I took a turn and all of a sudden a new kind of landscape opened up. The green mountains made place for rocky ones with enormous boulders randomly thrown in there. The evening sun made the spectacle even more special!

A few miles later I came to a jeeproad junction and headed half a mile off trail to get to Mike’s Place. 

The guy lives here in the mountains and he makes hikers very welcome on his property. Upon arrival, a guy named Josh showed me the cooler and told me to grab a soda and bring my cookingpot to get it filled up with potatoes, bacon, onions and chicken breast. I had 3 pieces of chicken and it tasted so good! It’s amazing how we get taken care of on this trail. We must be doing some right! They have a dartblock hanging here so I might play a game! Talk to you later!

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