Day 9: Mike Herrera’s Place to Paradise Valley Cafe

Day 9, May 12, Mike Herrera’s Place to Paradise Valley Cafe, 24.6 miles (39.6km)

When I left Mike’s place this morning around 6.45 the Anza desert was showing its beauty again. What an amazing area. 

The walking was not too hard but around 9 the heat started to kick in. It would be hot for the rest of the day. Luckily there was quite some wind. A breeze now and then means a lot out here. After about 10 miles I filled up my waterbottles at the Tule Spring Creek. The creek didn’t look inviting at all but the water was actually very clear. It tasted a bit like metal but water is a lifeline out here so you can’t be too picky. Nothing really much else happened during the walk in the heat. 18 miles in I was at the Walden watertank where they have a small library where you can pick up a book if you would like to carry that along. 

Walden is a great book by Thoreau. I can really recommend it. I could have camped there was it not for the real temptation 6.5 miles ahead in the form of cold drinks and a burger! So I pushed on and walked these last miles in just over 2 hours. 

The paradise vally cafe is 1 mile down the road from where the PCT intersects it. I got an easy hitch by a dutch guy who is supporting his wife on the first weeks of her long walk north. Upon arrival I immediately ordered a beer, a coke, water and the Route66 burger. Thirsty and hungry guy typing this! Now I’m gonna enjoy all of that so I’m out! 

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