Day 10: Paradise Valley Cafe to Idyllwild

Day 10, May 13, Paradise Valley Cafe to Idyllwild, 17 miles (27.3km)

I ended up sleeping under the patio of Paradise Vally Cafe. Sometimes it’s a very thin line between a hiker or a homeless person. They opened up at 8 so I stayed around to get fueled up by their breakfast. While eating breakfast with Skippy, Nathan & Michael (not the same as before, but also from Germany) a lady called Diane came into the cafe and started talking to us. She was out here with a friend on a day walk. At the end of the conversation she offered to pay breakfast for all of us. What???Thank you so much for that, Diane! What a great way to start the day.

The trail ahead was closed for some parts because of a fire that happened there in 2013. So today I went on a road walk. Nothing much happened on Highway74, just walking on the side of it, avoiding a car hit. Halfway on the road walk I stopped at Lake Hemet for a beer and a panini. For the rest of the walk I did put some music on which made it a bit more entertaining.

I arrived at Iddylwild around 6pm, checked in at the campsite, had a shower and went shopping for the next stretch to Big Bear Lake.

At the market I ordered a pizza to go and I’ll eat that at the picnic table in camp. Tomorrow is all about going up San Jacinto, a 10834 feet (3302m) high mountain. Let’s see how that goes!

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