Day 12: Fuller Ridge Trailhead to Highway10

Day 12, May 15, Fuller Ridge Trailhead to Highway10, 19 miles (30.5km)

I packed up really quick this morning. It was cold! And very windy. Quite normal since I set up my tent at 8000ft (2400m) altitude. I started the long descent to the desert floor around 7.15.
Today I would all by all loose about 7000ft (2100m) of elevation. Soon I was out of the strong winds and after about 2 miles I took a break. Jacket and sweater were off and back in the pack. I made myself some breakfast in the form of tortillas with pepperoni. This would be my only break for the next 14 miles. As I descended, the desert floor came closer and closer and Mt San Jacinto became more and more an enormous mountain.

You only notice how gigantic it is when you’re at lower altitude facing it. Yesterday I stood on top of it watching the surrounding landscapes, now I was in these landscapes admiring the mountain.

I descended all the way to the bottom and found myself at the first water source in 20 miles. I was still good on water but took a short break nevertheless.

I decided to hike another 3,5 miles to where the PCT goes under Highway10. There’s a little town called Cabazon 5 miles west off the PCT. They have a store and an In’n’Out Burger, a better version of McDonalds I’ve been told, so that would be nice.

The first of the last 3 and a half miles was on tarmac, the other two and a half on loose sand, think of the beach. I got to the road, not the highway but a small road next to it that leads to Cabazon, and full of hope I started hitchhiking. Almost 2 hours and only 20 cars later my hope is fading away. I know, by now I could have walked the distance but that’s not how it works. Worst case scenario is when you get a hitch but not a return one. Then I would walk back. Of course, what else to do? I plan on setting up my tent under the highway bridge and head out early in the morning.

Soooo, typing this after burgers in the In’n’Out. What happened? Well, after I decided that the hitching was going nowhere I went back to sit under the highway bridge because there was much less wind there. Fivestar, a girl from Venezuala, arrived and wanted to get into Cabazon for some food as well. But it seemed like we had to deal with the fact that this was out of question. Until a trail angel, Legend, all of a sudden arrived on the dirt road by the bridge. His only question was: ‘What can I do for you guys?’ I explained him what we would really like and soon we were on our way to Cabazon. He promised us to pick us up after about 90 minutes to get us back to the bridge. What a great turn of events! It seems like if you want something on this trail, you will get it. The trail provides!

It’s 9.30pm now and I’m in my sleeping bag finishing this post. Today was another great day on the Pacific Crest Trail! Goodnight!

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