Day 13: Highway10 to Mission Creek

Day 13, May 16, Highway10 to Mission Creek, 21.90 miles (35.2km)

Stayed in my tent until past 7 this morning. Some days it’s really hard to get moving. But I got my shit together and left the UnderTheBridge hotel around 8. Only 2 miles down the trail Mr. Lee, or ‘One Two Three, here’s Mr. Lee’, was setup with his car on a dirt road offering water and all kinds of snacks to hikers.

I enjoyed some breakfasty snacks and some water and took off to get some miles in. Soon I had to deal with quite a steep uphill section but it was soon over and found myself in the stunning San Gorgonio Wilderness. Another new, splendid landscape opened itself up on me. It was wonderful!

I kept walking until I came to a junction where I had the possibility of going half a mile off trail to the Whitewater Preserve. They had restrooms there and clear water so I took the detour. I ended up staying there quite a while talking to Legend, the trail angel from yesterday. He gave me some roat beer and I had some snacks out of my pack.

I walked the half mile back to the trail and was determined to get some more miles in. At first I walked along the Whitewater Creek until I finally crossed it and started climbing out of the valley. The views on the ridge over San Gorgonio were miraculous! Even Mt San Jacinto could be seen in the distance.

I descended back again to another creek, Mission Creek, and took a break at a spot were a nice couple from Tennessee planned to spend the night. I, however, wanted to use all of the daylight so decided to push on for another 5 miles. It was getting darker as I was wandering through a canyon with the creek next to me. I think I’ve must have crossed the water at least a dozen times. At 8 pm I got to the spot where I wanted to set up my tent. I took some water out of the creek and started boiling it for dinner. While the stove was doing what is does best, I put up my tent and after about 10 minutes I could jump in my sleeping bag. I was happy with my efficiency! For the curious ones, today I was served Spaghetti Bolognese.

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