Day 14: Mission Creek to Onyx Summit

Day 14, May 17, Mission Creek to Onyx Summit, 21.80miles (35km)

This morning was tough! I left camp and planned on hiking 8.5 miles to the Mission Creek Spring where I could fill up on water and take a lunch break. Of course I got there but it was not an easy walk. The muscles didn’t feel strong at all. It was all uphill until the source, I covered about 4000ft (1200m) of elevation in these 8.5 miles. It was a long, tiring haul! In these miles I left the San Gorgonio Wilderness behind me and entered the San Bernardino Forest.

A few years ago there was a fire here and you could clearly see that. Lots of burnt trees, fallen trees on the trail and poodle dog bush. You do not want to touch this poisonous poodle dog bush, when in contact with your skin, it can cause rashes, blisters, swelling and general irritation. Nasty stuff, and it smells as nasty as it looks.

I finally arrived at the Spring, bottled up and had plenty of snacks. After a break of an hour and a half I was on my way again. I planned on doing another 13 miles to get to the trail magic spot on a dirt road which is provided by the Big Bear Hostel.
After the break I felt so much better, the rest and more importantly the amount of food I took in made me much stronger. The first 6.5 miles to Coon Creek Cabin only took me just over 2 hours. I took a small break there, had some more snacks and was on my way for another 6.5 miles to the trail magic spot. On my way there I past 2 milestones, the 400km one and the 250 miles one. Have I really walked this far? I know, it’s only a small portion of the entire trail but it doesn’t seem like I already covered this kind of distance. Strange.

Upon arrival at the magic spot I opened the box where possible treats might be inside but I found it empty. What a bummer. I knew this was a realistic possibility but still, one has hope. I sat down in the sofa for 10 minutes anyway. Best seat I had since leaving home!

Tomorrow it’s only 13 miles to Big Bear Lake where I will treat myself with all kinds of tasty stuff. I might take my first zero (0 miles) the day after. Not sure yet, although it sounds like a great plan at the moment!

One thought on “Day 14: Mission Creek to Onyx Summit

  1. Al goed gestapt tot nu toe en dan zo bergop, bergaf, k heb veel bewondering voor jou! Heel wat km toch op 1 dag! En ja zo n zeteltje zal wel eens deugd gedaan hebben! Succes en vele grtjs

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