Day 15: Onyx Summit to Big Bear Lake

Day 15, May 18, Onyx Summit to Big Bear Lake, 12.90 miles (20.7km)

I woke up pretty early this morning. Or let’s just say that I woke up many times between midnight and 5.45 until I finally decided to get out of my sleeping bag. I packed up really fast, didn’t take in any breakfast and was all packed and ready to walk the 13 miles to the Highway at 6 am. I was ready to get into town for some good food! After an hour of walking I had to take a short stop for some business. What a relief. Enough about that.I spent most of the time walking in the forest and didn’t get much vistas at all. The last miles I got some views of the desert way below me. In the next days that will be my walking terrain.

I rounded up the 12.9 miles in 4 hours of walking. I was flying! When I got to Hwy18, Skippy was there with his thumb in the air. I joined him and after 5 minutes we got a ride, after 15 minutes we were ordering breakfast and after 45 minutes breakfast was consumed! Skippy went off to see some mates from San Diego who are joining him for a few days. I started looking where I could spend the night. came up with Motel6 at a reduced, last minute rate. I think I got about 50% off, paying 50 dollar for a room with a queen size bed and a shower, can you believe that? Of course you do. To me it sounded like paradise. Booked the room, got another hitch over there and checked in. The easiest part of the day was behind me. Next up was showering, doing laundry and buying resupply for the next stretch to Wrightwood. I also ordered a new mattress since mine was becoming a real piece of crap. Damn you Exped! It will be delivered in Wrightwood where I’ll be able to pick it up in about 4 to 5 days time.

In an hour I will look for a restaurant to get a bite. There’s quite some hikers at the Motel6 so I might join them. Otherwise, it’s just me, myself & I.
I’m thinking of heading back to the trail tomorrow, although it might be hard to get there. The Tour Of California, a very famous, international bike race, is having its time trail here in Big Bear Lake. Maybe I should stay and check out the race… We’ll see!

One thought on “Day 15: Onyx Summit to Big Bear Lake

  1. Ja kan ik wel geloven dat het een paradijsje was na zoveel stappen in de natuur, zal je goed gedaan hebben, beetje lekker eten, douche propere kleren en succes met je nieuwe matras die er aankomt. En misschien nog de plaatselijke koers meemaken…..

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