Day 16: Big Bear Lake

Day 16, May 19, Big Bear Lake, 0 miles

I decided to take the day off today! A bit of rest won’t do any harm! And I got to see the time-trail of The Tour Of California. What a great opportunity! I am a big lover of watching bike-races. In the last years our famous Belgian rider Tom Boonen used to attend this race. Unfortunately, he was not here this year since he just retired in April.

I started the day with some breakfast in The Broadway Cafe. The lady who took my order asked me where I lived and I told her that I was Belgian. She said she had some family living in Ghent. I live in a town which is only a 20 minute drive from Ghent. And besides that, Ghent is by far my favorite city in Belgium. No, not Bruges! If you’re in Belgium one day, check it out. It’s a nice city with old buildings and water running through it, like Bruges, but unlike Bruges, it also has a nice liveliness! At least, that’s my opinion. Enough with the promotion, it’s not like Termont (mayor) is paying me for this. After breakfast I went back to my paradisy room and just laid on the bed for a few hours, texting with the home front, Discovery Channel playing on tv.
Around noon I went outside to check out the timetrial of the Amgen Tour Of California. The first riders were to take off around 1 pm. The spot where I wanted to check out the race was about 1 mile down the road. Ofcourse, lazy as I am, I tried to hitch there. Succesfully I got at the crossing were I would settle myself for the afternoon. Vons supermarket closeby, I went to buy some sodas. I was all set. I downloaded the Tour Tracker app so I would know which riders were about to come by. I felt like a professional cycle-watcher. I took pictures, noted the time and checked which riders were flying by. I had fun! The last rider, the leader in the overall standing, Rafal Majka, took off around 3.20, I took his picture and left my spot soon after.

John Degenkolb in the front, his teammate Ruben Guerreiro in the back.
Rafal Majka, leader in the race, lost too much time and is now second in the overall standing. Bummer!

I went to Von’s to buy a drink and guess what, Nathan and his dog Bandit were there rounding up their groceries! He had arranged a stay at a trail angels’ house and they would soon pick him up.

In the evening I went over there to have some drinks and chats. There were about 7 hikers in the house. The owner is trying to sell the place and in the meanwhile hikers can stay there and enjoy every aspect of it. The owner lives a few houses down the street and brought dinner later on. What a luxury! The evening progressed and it got wilder and wilder… What happens in Big Bear, stays in Big Bear… I found my way back to the motel around 3 at night. I had an amazing zero in town but it’s about time to get the hell out of here! I’d probably be a mess tomorrow!

2 thoughts on “Day 16: Big Bear Lake

  1. Wat is de wereld toch klein, mensen die ook familie hebben in Gent. En blijkbaar genoten van de koers en jij deugniet ook van de “afterparty”. Maar ja zo kennen we jou! En je de dag nadien zal het inderdaad wat minder zijn geweest. Jij sloeber!

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