Day 17: Big Bear Lake

Day 17, May 20, Big Bear, 0 miles

What can I say? Last night must have been heavy. That’s it.

I spent all day in the sofa, doing absolutely nothing.

The PCT is hard, especially in town.

This was written around 4 in the afternoon, everything seemed to go this way, until Bobby, the woman that looks out after the house we were staying in, invited us all for drinks’n’food in her favorite bar, The Murrays in Big Bear Lake.

So, Bobby and her husband, John, are not the actual owners of this property. They just look after it for a neighbor since they live just a few houses away.

They picked us up, we drove to the pub and we were treated with food and drinks.

There was karaoke in this bar, so guess what, we had to do a song. Someone requested Sweet Caroline and soon all the hikers were on stage. It was fun!

After our musical victory we went back to Bobby & John’s place for some drinks and chats. We got back to ‘our’ home and decided to put a pizza in the oven. An hour later everyone was asleep.

Bobbie & John, thanks for everything. You two are awesome. Putting your own lives aside to take care of some strangers! Amazing, thank you!

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