Day 18: Big Bear Lake

Day 18, May 21, Big Bear, 0 miles

Should I feel guilty?

Big Bear has been such a great special-in-life experience. I loved every second of it. So, no, I don’t feel guilty. This is an enormously important part of this 5-month trip as well. 

The beauty of the people, hikers as well as non-hikers, makes this all a very worthy experience.
Sharing drinks in the evening, singing along, sharing stories with each other… Relaxing during the day, having chats, enjoying the quietness on the porch of this house… What a great few days I had!

Tomorrow I’m off, back to the trail-life! Looking forward to the sweating and getting dirty again! The PCT is a fun mixture of all these things. I like it! Life is good!
See you on trail!

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