Day 21: Grass Valley Creek to Cleghorn Picnic area

Day 21, May 24, Grass Valley to Cleghorn Picnic area, 10.6 miles (17 km)

Yesterday evening I was quite sure I was going to get to Cajon Pass today. When I woke up this morning I found myself in a weak state. I had a conversation with myself whether or not it would be smart idea to walk these big miles and arrive at Cajon Pass in the evening. (Don’t get me wrong, these conversations only happen when not feeling a 100%) Cajon Pass is a highway crossing with loads of cars and trains passing by. That makes it loud! So I came up with the plan that hiking in there tomorrow would be smarter. This way I could have the nice pleasure of staying more hours around food’n’drinks. And there’s a Best Western there! My shitty, completely ruined mattress allowed me to have about 4 hours of sleep the last few nights. I’m dying for a good nights’rest. Sleeping continuously for 7 hours seems priceless at the moment!

So, today’s story!
I walked about 6 miles before the walk got interesting and I was suddenly surprised by the view over Silverwood Lake. It was a great view! In the beginning I thought I had seen the entire lake but as I kept hiking and got at another bend the lake got bigger and bigger. It’s a huge lake!

After another 5 miles I got to a road crossing where I could walk half a mile off trail to a picnic area where a local pizzeria delivered their goods. I ordered a pizza and 2 litres of soda. An hour later these treats were delivered. After consuming half the pizza I started feeling better but still not perfect. I took my time resting but recovering took like forever. I was debating whether or not to stay here for the night and the yes-side kept winning forever. Gotta listen to the body that shifts between easy times and very hard ones. The heat, the miles, the sleep. The puzzle has to be complete to make it a walk in the park. Some days it does, some days it doesn’t. The greats are high, the lows are deep. Gotta handle it all! So far I do!

The day ended at the picnic area. Tomorrow at noon I will check in at the Best Western and have a big part of the day available for resting, eating, laundry, showering,…

I am comfortable with my decision.

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