Day 19: Big Bear Lake to Holcomb Creek

Day 19, May 22, Big Bear Lake to Holcomb Creek 25,4miles (40.9km)

Nathan, Bandit, Dan & myself left our temporarily home around 6.45 this morning. We went over to Thelma’s for some breakfast. We called Bobbie for a ride back to the trail head. The great person she is, she arrived only minutes later.She was very happy to see us again. So we’re we! Bobbie, I’m not saying goodbye, just see you soon. The next stretch to Cajon Pass is about 76 miles and seems not too hard. The plan, for me at least, is trying to do at least two big days. Let’s counter-attack all the time spent in Big Bear! It seems like it’s gonna get boiling hot again in the desert, so we’ll see how the plan works out…

After about 9 miles I came to the creek where I planned to fill up my bottles. There was a sign for a water cache about 200 yard further down the trail. When I got there, the lady who keeps this cache alive showed up at the same time. All the gallons were empty, she took them and said she would be back in 20 minutes. I planned to take a break anyway. About 5 minutes later two other people showed up with gallons of water. Seems like there were two trail angels stocking this cache. A little later the first lady returned and she did not only bring water but also fruit and sandwiches. Great!

I left the cache and did another 11 miles before I took another break. The walk was not very interesting. Mostly I was walking through the forest whit some nice views now and then. The most interesting view being the overlook of Big Bear Lake. It was nice to see this big lake from above.

Around 4.30pm I had walked 20 miles and took my break. I had some snacks and the one beer that I carried with me since this morning. It was worth it!

I planned to hike another 5.5 miles before dark so I took off around 6pm. The miles went by pretty easily and camp was set up while it was already pretty dark. I really like walking in the evening. The temperatures are nice and you get to see a true festival of light! The sky shows all kind of colors and often you find yourself walking in a pinkish atmosphere.

Tomorrow I plan to do another big day so I’ll try to get up early.


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