Day 23: Cleghorn Picnic Area to Cajon Pass

Day 23, May 26, Cleghorn Picnic Area to Cajon Pass, 13.3 miles (21.4km)

I finally enjoyed a whole night of sleep last night! I felt pretty good waking up this morning, stomach seemed to be back in action, the fevery feeling seemed to be gone… Yesterday I took medicine, water and food on a regular basis and something good came out of this. I was happy this morning!I had breakfast in the small hotel-lobby and had ordered an Uber by 9am. I must have ordered it at the right time cause only three minutes later I was on my way to Cleghorn Creek. I got dropped off at the same spot I left the trail yesterday and began my walk back to the Best Western.

I was walking with very little load on my back. Yesterday Nathan lent me his small ‘grocery’-pack. I only took 2 liters of water, a bottle of coke and some snacks with me.

It was such a nice feeling going uphill and downhill with this tiny backpack. The miles were going by very fast. I checked the Halfmile’s app for the first time after 9 miles. I wasn’t even walking three hours by then. The last miles of the day were the most interesting ones. The landscape opened up and Cajon Pass was in sight! The final stretch to the Mcdonalds sign I was walking through a small canyon. Normally, McDonalds here at Cajon Pass is THE place to be after 76 miles (122km) of eating boring food and drinking water from streams. As you know my plan turned out a little different. Instead of graving burgers, I walked straight back to the Best Western and enjoyed my room!

Still not feeling a 100% but I’m happy I was back out there for some part of the day. I might stay another day here. I’ll see about that in the morning. There’s no rush to the Sierra’s anyway…

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