Day 22: Ride to Cajon Pass

Day 22, May 25, Ride to Cajon Pass, 0 miles (0km)

I woke up this morning with a very bad feeling in my stomach. I took a few steps to the restroom and started to vomit. Nothing came out but the stomach was in a very bad state. I tried some medicine, drank some cola but nothing was really doing anything. I felt some fever coming in as well. Was it the heat, did some unpurified water got into my bottles, or was it some kind of stomach flu that’s going around some hikers? I didn’t know, the only thing I knew is that walking miles was going to feel like a death march. Anyhow, I started walking. After half a mile I saw some people who were waiting for a hitch towards Wrightwood. They were gonna skip a small section because of some injuries. I checked google maps and noticed that their ride had to pass by Cajon Pass. I didn’t hesitate and waited for the ride to arrive. Got in the car and soon I was at the Best Western. My room was ready at 10, I took a shower, sat down on the bed and all of a sudden it was 3 hours later. Must have been tired. I woke up, went to Del Taco for some taco’s.Back in my room I was ready to consume these and surprisingly I had no problem eating. Stomach seems somehow recovered but I got this fevery feeling. I really hope it’s over by the morning. I wanna feel strong! Not being limited by the body. This desert is not a place to wander around when not feeling 100%.

Tomorrow the plan is to get an Uber to the spot where I got a ride this morning. From there it’s a 14 mile hike back to here, Cajon Pass.

You might think, why don’t you skip it? Well, I have this thing where I want to walk a continuous footpath between Mexico and Canada. If not impossible, I will not give up on that goal. I really hope I get some quality sleep tonight and feel reborn in the morning.

Just let me walk!

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