Day 25: Cajon Pass

Day 25, May 28, Cajon Pass, 0 miles (0km)

So, what’s the plan for this second part of the desert? After Wrightwood, I will probably do 20 miles most of the days in the next +300 miles. That will bring me at Kennedy Meadows, the southern entrance of the high, snowy Sierra Nevada, around June 15. This sounds like the ideal time to enter the mountains in most years. This year however there’s still gonna be tons of snow so navigating will be somewhat harder. The creek crossings however will be the real test. The melting of the snow will create wide and deep creeks with raging rapids.

If you want to avoid these creeks and the traversing of the high snowy passes you’d probably have to wait until the end of July this year. But whoever does this won’t get to Canada before the snowstorms in the north will hit them.

So, buying the right gear and walking in a group will be very important to tackle this treacherous area.

But hey, it is gonna be beautiful up there! Looking forward to that!!!

One thought on “Day 25: Cajon Pass

  1. Wees toch maar voorzichtig daar in die sneeuw half juni, lijkt me toch beetje gevaarlijk en met al die kreken!


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