Day 27: Cajon Pass to Unpaved road

Day 27, May 30, Cajon Pass to Unpaved road, 15.7 miles (25.3km)

I’ve been pretty lazy these last few days. That’s the least I can say about my Cajon Pass retreat. I feel 100% again, well rested and ready to tackle the second part of the SoCal desert.I left my room around noon and headed for McDonalds to fuel up on easy calories. I ordered a menu and a cheeseburger.
I got back at the trail head around 2pm and planned on doing some warming-up miles. The last few days I walked from my room to the gas station and back. About 3000 steps per day maximum. So I started at a steady, not too speedy, pace. I walked under train tracks, over them and soon saw enormously long trains coming closer. It’s fun watching these colorful wagons, almost like Lego, passing by.

Five miles in I stumbled on an unexpected water cache. I had brought more than enough water with me but drank half a liter anyway. Any hydration is good hydration over here. I sat down for half an hour and had a chat with a German hiker.
I took off and the constant uphill walking started. I felt good, had a nice pace and the miles flew by pretty easily. The views over the desert and the surrounding mountains got better and better.

I felt happy to be out here again. Then it was snake-time. The first one seemed like a harmless one. I stepped around it in a wide bend anyway. I don’t really know anything about snakes so I don’t take any of these creatures for granted. Two minutes later a rattlesnake was in the middle of the trail. I’m well aware what these ones can do to you. I threw some small rocks in it’s direction because it seemed like Mr. or Mrs snake just found the perfect spot. It finally took off.
It was getting dark and these fellas probably wanted to enjoy the last warmth of the sun.

I walked well into darkness and decided to call it a day around 9pm. I’m quite happy with the covered distance, considering the late start.

I didn’t even bother to blow up my mattress. Just the sleeping bag. Tomorrow I pick up my new one. Let’s hope we can be friends for awhile.

One thought on “Day 27: Cajon Pass to Unpaved road

  1. Your photograph of the freight train in Cajon Pass is a place called “Sullivan’s Curve”–one of the most famous railroad photography spots in the American west, named for an Orange County rancher named Herb Sullivan, whose interest in trains and photography put this place “on the map” in the 1930s and 40s. It is not unusual to encounter rail fans here from all over the world taking pictures. Interestingly, the tracks that you had to actually cross on the trail are those of the Union Pacific. You’ll note there weren’t any “no trespassing” signs where you crossed. That’s because the UP tracks were laid in 1967 and are on US Forest Service property under a conditional use permit. The other tracks you see (and cross under) are the property of the BNSF Railway, and are on private property of the railroad, built by predecessor Santa Fe Railway in the 1880s.

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