Day 28: Unpaved road to Wrightwood

Day 28, May 31, Unpaved road to Wrightwood, 12.2 miles (19.6 km)

Started walking at 6.30 and soon found myself walking uphill again. Yesterday I covered about 8000ft (2400m) of the elevation change, today I had to conquer only 5000ft (1500m). I was walking high above a sea of clouds and this made for nice views. Okay, the views were blocked by the clouds but the views over the sea of clouds were very nice!

The miles went by pretty easily, most of the time I was walking through forests, accompanied by squirrels. Nice morning stroll.

I got at the trail head after about 12 miles of hiking and was ready to hitch into Wrightwood. Soon I was in town and my first stop was the Mountain Hardware store where I could pick up my new mattress.
Next I went for breakfast across the street. Eggs, bacon, ham steak, potatoes and toast were consumed in a speed record. This trail makes you hungry! Most of the times, sometimes it’s just too hot to take in food. But then you gotta force it in cause otherwise the lack of energy comes right back at you.

While eating breakfast I emailed a trail angel, Rich, who opens up his house for hikers. In less than a minute I got his approval. He would be at work all day but I could go over there anyway. There was one other hiker in the house, a girl that is having some issues with her achilles.

I showered, did laundry and went to the store to buy food for the next stretch to Agua Dulce. This next stretch is about 85 miles and I hope to cover the distance in maximum 4 days.
In the meanwhile I’ve tested my new yellow mattress and it feels very comfortable. Let’s hope this is the only gear I will have to replace on my way to Canada.

One thought on “Day 28: Unpaved road to Wrightwood

  1. Veel succes met je nieuwe matras! Heel mooie omgeving en dan zo af en toe wat slangen op bezoek. Spannende tocht!


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