Day 29: Wrightwood

Day 29, June 1, Wrightwood

Last night I had a great time at The Yodeler in Wrightwood. I headed over there for some food and ended up staying there until midnight hanging around with a nice bunch of people. A lot of nationalities were represented, Americans, Germans, French, Canadians and a Belgian, that’s me.When I got back to the trail angels’ house, I was surprised to a locked door. Damn it! The girl that was there told me earlier in the day that the owner never locked his door. Well, yeah…
There was nothing I could do because I was definitely not gonna wake up anybody. Rich leaves for work at 5.30am and when I went out for dinner yesterday evening at 7.30pm I still hadn’t seen him. So I figured he can use the sleep.

There was a little sofa on the porch so I settled for that. But it was cold! My sleeping bag and all of my stuff were inside and I was wearing my shorts. I found some paper and wrapped it around my legs. It helped a bit. Hours went by, I think I slept for about 2 hours and by 5.30 Rich was heading out for work and found me on his porch. He apologized. But he shouldn’t, he’s taking me in his house, I am the guest so I can’t really demand anything. Everything is a plus. Nevertheless, I was so happy to get inside and jumped in my sleeping bag to warm up. I got a few hours of sleep but didn’t really feel rested.

I went to the local bakery for a thru-hiker sandwich, which was delicious. Lots of meat and avocado squeezed in very tasty brown bread.
I headed back to my temporary home and enjoyed the sofa, the one inside this time, for the rest of the afternoon.
Rich got back from work around 5.30pm. In the meanwhile two others hikers, New Zealanders, had joined us as well. They wanted to get to REI, the famous American outdoor store, to return some stuff. After we had eaten some pizza we were off for a drive to the store. Rancho Cucamonga is the name of the town we were riding to. Funny name right?

We got back home around 9.45pm, had some tea and went to bed soon after. Rich, thank you for everything and I hope you’ll be able to get on trail very soon.
For me, tomorrow it’s trail-time! See you there.

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