Day 30: Wrightwood to Campsite

Day 30, June 2, Wrightwood to Campsite, +/- 25 miles (+/- 40km)

I got back at the trail head and walked a few miles to the start of the big climb up Mt. Baden Powell. I checked my maps and noticed a path that goes around the mountain. After loads of vertical elevation the days before Wrightwood I opted to not go over Mt. Baden Powell. The trail I took was called the High Desert Trail alternate aka the Manzanita Trail. It was fairly easy walking but no real highlights. About an hour and a half later I came upon a campground and took the path that headed south. I knew this path would take me back to Hwy2 where I needed to be for some miles of road walking. The Pacific Crest Trail is closed for a section because of an endangered specie, the Mountain Yellow-Legged Frog. So road walking it was. It was quiet safe, this road is a real mountain road so traffic wasn’t too bad. I got back at the PCT and headed back into the the forest. I crossed the highway another 3 times on my way to Camp Glenwood. This is a boyscoutcamp but right now nothing was going on there except for some hikers taking a break in the shade.

It’s hard to say exactly how many miles I had walked today when reaching Glenwood Camp because of the alternates. I guess somewhere in between 12 and 16. I planned on doing at least ten more.

Only a mile further down the trail I had to cross the highway again. And there was trail magic!!! Janel was there with a cooler full of beers and soda, sandwiches, fruit and all kind of snacks. Next week she’s heading over to Corsica to walk the GR20 which I’ve walked in 2012. This made for a very nice conversation. In 2018 she will do The Tour du Mont Blanc and I’ve walked that as well. So good to see that so many people you meet on this trail, hiking it or not, have quiet the same interests. Janel, if you’re reading this, take care and enjoy Corsica!

I walked another ten miles until it was too dark. These last ten miles I saw hundreds of poodle dog bush-plants. I didn’t wanna risk walking with my head torch because scanning the trail is more limited that way. I really hope I did not touch any of these plants. The effects of touching this plant are most of the times only noticeable after a few days, resulting most of the times in a few days at the hospital. I was careful but you never know. Fingers crossed!

Now it’s sleeping time!

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