Day 31: Campsite to North Fork Ranger Station

Day 31, June 3, Campsite to North Fork Ranger Station, 23 miles (37km)

I woke up pretty early but decided to stay in my tent till 8. I enjoyed my new matress to the fullest. It’s so comfortable, especially compared to my old one.I walked over five miles through the Los Angeles Forest and had nice views over the forest and the surrounding desert. Soon I was at the Mill Creek Fire Station. There was a water hose so I filled up my bottles. In 7 miles I could get more water so I only took 2 liters for the road. But I did drink more than a liter at the station as well. Should keep me hydrated for a while.
The sun was boiling again today. I decided to wait out the hottest part of the day and took off again at 3pm. I had options to camp in seven miles, twelve or eighteen. I felt pretty good so each possible stop I decided to move on. The views today were astonishing!

Just before it got dark I saw a fox in front of me. He was surprised by me and took off fairly quick. He did however stay on the trail in front of me so I could enjoy his gentle moving for about ten seconds. Minutes later there was a coyote crossing the trail. He didn’t seem to be bothered by my presence and just stared at me for a while. Two animals in just minutes were added to my PCT-wildlife list. Nice! I walked another hour and a half in the dark, using my head torch for poodle dog bush-scanning. I finally arrived at the North Fork Ranger Station, cooked dinner, put up my tent and started typing my day report. Now I just gotta select some nice pictures for you all and then it’s sleeping time!

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