Day 32: North Fork Ranger Station to Acton KOA

Day 32, June 4, North Fork Ranger Station to Acton KOA campground, 8.2 miles (13km)

Only 8 miles separated me from a cold drink this morning. I knew the shop at the KOA campground in Acton would open at 9. I started walking at 6 to get there at opening time. As soon as the sun showed itself it was pretty clear that it would be another hot day. When I arrived at the campground my whole shirt was soaking wet. Sweat-wet that is.

I stayed at the campground for about two hours while drinking cold drinks and eating snacks. Another ten miles had to be covered between the campground and Hiker-Heaven in Agua Dulce. I started rethinking my plan to get there today. Maybe I wanted to stay here… Decisions, always decisions to be made…

Decisions were made and I took the lazy one. I stay at the campground. It was very hot throughout the day so I was happy with my decision.
The French, Delphine & Tom, arrived yesterday and were staying for another night. In the afternoon we went to the small town of Acton to buy some food and drinks. The town looked like the decor of a western movie.

Tomorrow I’ll go to Hiker Heaven and I need to get some things done there.

Good night!

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