Day 33: Acton KOA to Hiker Heaven

Day 33, June 5, Acton KOA campground to Hiker Heaven, 10.2 miles (16.4km)

By 6am I was on my way to the small town of Agua Dulce. The first part of the morning was all about climbing out of the valley. The gradients weren’t too bad and the sun wasn’t trying to roast me this early in the morning.

I got to the highest point and immediately after I went downhill towards a tunnel under the highway. For once it seemed I should be happy there’s not much rain in the desert. Imagine having to walk through this sewer-like tunnel when there’s loads of water in there.

Soon after I entered the formations of Vasquez Rocks. At first I walked through a canyon. There was a little stream running in there and this all made for a very interesting, beautiful walk. I took loads of pictures and stopped often to check out the layers of these giant rocks.

The Vasquez rocks are often used as a movie set. Star Trek or the more recent Westworld series are just two examples.

It was another mile of road walking to get some breakfast in Agua Dulce, more specifically in The Sweetwater Grill. Agua Dulce is a really small, quiet town with a grocery store, some places to eat and a liquor store. Seems like it’s a quiet town to live in if you have the funds for it. Most of the locals seem to have a few cars, horses and a lot of ground. One of these locals are Jeff & Donna Saufley. For years now they are opening their gates to welcome hikers to their property. They run a very well organized system here.
I took the 1pm shuttle and was dropped off at the gate. Immediately I was given a tour of the place. Soon after I was ready for the important shower and put my name on the waiting list. Donna Saufley decided to clean the bathroom just before it was my turn. This made for a very enjoyable shower. Thanks for that… and for all the rest!

Volunteers do laundry here for you and when they’re done they deliver your washed clothes in a basket with your name on. They really make it easy for us. Thanks again!

I did some small chores like charging devices and forwarding a box but most of the day I was doing practically nothing. Sometimes having drinks, taking in food and chitchatting is more than enough. Tomorrow I have to sort out some boxes to send into the Sierras.
I’ll include some pictures of this heavenly hiker-heaven when I get back to you.

One thought on “Day 33: Acton KOA to Hiker Heaven

  1. Super mooi en speciaal deze rotsen en steeds ben ik verrast door de gastvrijheid van de mensen daar! Maar k vind het heel tof voor jou!

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