Day 35: Hiker Heaven to Campsite

Day 35, June 7, Hiker Heaven to Campsite, 13.7 miles (22km)

This morning I didn’t hear the rooster at all. I woke up at 7.30 and must have slept more than 9 hours. Way to go!

I relaxed most of the day doing pretty much nothing! I packed up my tent around noon and brought my pack over to the pack rack.
It’s 24 miles until the next stop in Green Valley. The Anderson’s aka Casa De Luna are based in this little town. They are trail angels who let hikers stay at their property. From what I’ve heard it seems that it’s quite the party scene over there. At The Saufley’s you take care of logistical stuff, at the Anderson’s you drink! I’ll keep you updated on that.
I took the 5pm shuttle into town, had a Big Meats pizza in Big Mouth Pizza Co and was back on the trail around 7pm. Not really ‘the trail’ since the first 2.5 miles I had to walk along the road.
By the time I left the road the sun was setting. Walking at night is not that interesting at all but it is a way to survive this desert. Lately, during daytime it is just too hot to walk. The interesting part is that you encounter another kind of fauna at night. Tonight I crossed paths with a toad, some mice (fat ones!), all kinds of spiders (no tarantula’s so far) and some little scorpions.

I decided to call it a day around 11.45pm. Tomorrow I’ll try to wake up as early as possible to beat the heat. Only ten miles between a beer and it’s consumer.

4 thoughts on “Day 35: Hiker Heaven to Campsite

  1. K ben blij dat je terug goed kan slapen, nachtrust is belangrijk! Die hitte ja is wel supervermoeiend kan ik aannemen, wat was het beest dst je fotografeerde? Een soort grote pad? Brrrr

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