Day 36: Campsite to Casa De Luna

Day 36, June 8, Campsite to Casa De Luna, 11.5 miles (18.5km)

I woke up this morning to some adult entertainment in the tent next to me. I hope they had a good time! It was only 4am so I decided to stay in my tent for another hour. I was on the move around 5.30am. And then an amazing encounter happened. I was walking the trail, taking turns all the time (the PCT is a winding trail!) and all of a sudden I saw two mountain lions in front of me, about 100feet away (30m), walking the trail as well. They were heading north, just like me. It seems like it was a mother with her cub. As soon as the cub noticed my presence, it jumped into the bushes, making some noises. The mother however turned around in a split second and stared at me, actually telling me to not fuck with her. I took some steps backwards until I was out of her sight. These few seconds where I could see these animals in their natural environment were so nice. Also very intense! The next hour or so a certain adrenaline was part of me. The image that keeps coming up over and over again is the look of these very flexible, smooth hip movements while the two of them were just walking next to each other, side by side, almost leaning on each other. What an experience! And for what I hear, a very rare one. Another check on the wildlife list! Come on bears, you’re next!

I walked the ten miles to a road crossing in about 3 and a half hours. Two miles down the road is the house of the Andersons aka Casa De Luna. They are trail angels who are welcoming hikers on their property. I decided to bail out on the disappointments of hitchhiking so I just walked to the town Green Valley. However, over halfway, Terry Anderson pulled over and offered me a ride to her place. Sometimes, things work out just fine!
I was sitting on one of the couches on the driveway by ten o’clock. Soon after I went to the small town-store and bought a pack of beers. At the moment, number six is going down smoothly while typing this. Dangerous day ahead!

For the next part of the day I played frisbee-golf and beanbag-throwing. Lots of beers were consumed during these games. We had fun. It’s fun to have fun!

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