Day 37: Casa De Luna

Day 37, June 9, Casa De Luna, 0 miles (0 km)

Getting up this morning was hard! My tent is set on a very nice spot in the forest behind the Anderson’s house. No sun to turn the tent into a sauna.I was able to remove myself from there and head over to the sofa’s in the front around 8.

Joe Anderson was making pancakes. I put some butter and syrup on top of them and enjoyed my breakfast. Soon we we’re back to the throwing game. We corn holed, name of the game, for more than 3 hours until everyone was in the need of a siesta. Matresses, hammocks, couches, lounge-chairs, simple chairs and the ground are the options here. Pick ‘n’ choose!
Michael & myself headed to the local coffee shop / restaurant for a take-away burger. We ate our meal on the couches in the front. It was a good burger, onion rings included!

The famous Taco-salad. If you hold your plate over the food, you get stick-slapped!

We were throwing more beanbags until it got dark and then people started to escape to their tents. A few more beers later I was ready to find my matress as well.

Casa De Luna is a nice place to be!

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