Day 42: Casa De Luna to Guzzler

Day 42, June 14, Casa De Luna to Guzzler, 24.2miles (38.9km)

At 5am this morning I removed myself from one of the couches on the driveway at Casa De Luna. Soon I was back on the trail and was climbing out of Green Valley. I had a great time in this small town. Thank you Joe, Terry & Country-Gold.

For the biggest part of the day I walked through amazingly green forests with plenty of very nice views over the fading green hills and the Mojave desert below.

I walked without taking a break for about 21 miles. Biggest reason for this were the flies. God damn it, there were literally hundreds of flies, graving for my blood, whenever I decided to stand still for a second. Sitting down and taking a decent break was out of the question today. I knew there was a dirt road coming up where I, most likely, could pitch my tent for a break away from these little stalkers. When I arrived, Michael was there, taking a break. Seeing him enjoying his break away from these flies did the ultimate trick. I stayed in my tent, taking a little nap, hell yeah, until past 4pm. I had to do at least another 3 miles to a guzzler, some kind of water tank, cause I was running really low on water.

(small note to the dutch readers: if I try to translate ‘guzzler’ in dutch my dictionary app comes up with ‘zuiplap’, google goes for ‘vreetzak’) A guzzler collects water whenever it rains so I guess both translations hit the spot.
These last three miles were killing me so I was happy to camp close to the guzzler, filled up on water and was in my tent before 6. Must be a record for earliest tent retreat so far. I checked my exact mileage to write my blog and noticed that I did a little over 12500 feet (3800m) of vertical elevation today. No wonder the body started to protest.
Oh, almost forgot to tell you that I past an important milestone today, the 500 miles one. There’s so much more miles that have to be covered to get to Canada… For now, let’s try not to think about that.

One thought on “Day 42: Casa De Luna to Guzzler

  1. Serieuze trip gedaan deze dag! Chapeau! Hier bij ons ook heel warm de laatste dagen, rond de 30 graden, pff kan het mij niet voorstellen dan zoveel te stappen

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