Day 43: Guzzler to Hiker Town

Day 43, June 15, Guzzler to Hiker Town, 9 miles (14.5km)

How can it be that I couldn’t fall asleep last night? Pfff, I think I slept a maximum of three hours until I decided to get out of my tent at 8 this morning. The first 2 miles I managed to walk at quite a healthy pace until everything started to fall apart. Every extra mile I walked I felt the energy draining out of my legs and arms. 9 miles in the day I dropped myself under a shady tree at a road crossing. I was done! There happened to be a sign on this tree advertising a ride to food and drinks at the Wee Vill Market. I had just one bar of reception but tried to call them anyway. Two and a half hours later I was drinking a Gatorade (electrolytes) and a coke. I tried a burger and it went down pretty easily.

Back to the walk: it was another beautiful view over the Mojave desert today but the closer you get to the Mojave, the hotter it becomes! The PCT goes through the Mojave desert for about 30 miles. That’s next up, walking the flat, burning hot desert floor. At the moment I’m not really feeling it so I might skip that part. I know most of you wanna hear the good, nice things about this long journey but I gotta be honest to you all. Some days you can handle this desert better than others.
Today was a shitty day! Miserably exhausted! On top of that I must have touched some poison oak while collecting water. The hands are turning red.
Low day, very low day!

One thought on “Day 43: Guzzler to Hiker Town

  1. Waarschijnlijk ook wat te korte nachtrust gehad waatdoor je er rap doorzat en opgelet met het aanraken van giftige dingen! Succes nog! We denken aan jou!

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