Day 45: Hiker Town to LA Aqueduct Rd crossing

Day 45, June 17, Hikertown to LA Aqueduct Rd crossing, 11.7 miles (17.7 km)

After last night’s movie night I retreated to my mattress in the bunkhouse. I couldn’t really sleep and started texting to my girl back home. The last few days were the hardest on the trail so far so I reached out to her for some support and comforting. The great girl she is she delivered all of this. Bollie, you lifted my spirits. Miss you!

Since temperatures are getting close to a 110F (+43C) the next few days there is no way anyone in his right mind would wanna walk across this flat, shadeless, waterless Mojave section during the day. So our plan, a group of 3 and a nice dog (86% wolf), is going to hike out tonight around 7. By then it will be a much more bearable undertaking. I hope we can get the most out of the night and walk into the break of dawn.

Quoi, Hershy, Archy and myself closed the gate behind us around 8pm, ready for a night hike. Soon we were walking along the LA aqueduct. We walked along the open aquaduct for about a mile. After that the water travels to LA via a partly buried pipe. I walked on top of it for a while until the PCT drifted off over jeep roads, sometimes walking on a gravel surface but mostly concrete.

Eleven miles in I decided to take a break, had some snacks and waited for the rest to catch up. By midnight we were all reunited again, taking a break in the cool, dark night.
To be continued! We’re doing another 13 miles tonight!

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