Day 46: LA Aqueduct Rd crossing to Tylerhorse Canyon

Day 46, June 18, LA Aquaeduct Rd crossing to Tylerhorse Canyon, 12.3 miles (19.8 km)

After our break we were walking towards a water faucet where we could actually collect water for our bottles. We walked next to the aqueduct for awhile, on top of it for much longer but weren’t able to collect water for the first 17 miles after hiker town. But hey, it was fine, there was no sun to dehydrate us.All night, Archie, the big wolf-dog, chased fat mice. This made for great entertainment during the dark walk. In the beginning of the evening we encountered different snakes and scorpions as well. Hershy commanded his dog to stay away from these over and over again. Curious wolf.

I arrived at the faucet around 2.20am, filled up my bottles and sat down, leaning against a small maintenance building. The others arrived 40 minutes later and we decided to nap for an hour.

By 4 we were ready to take off for another seven miles. An hour later the sky slowly started to show some color and within the hour my whole surroundings were lightened up. At sunrise I was walking in the midst of the Mazama Wind Farm. For the biggest part of the night I was walking towards the blinking red lights of these wind turbines and now, at sunrise, I was in the midst of them. Walking at night, from sunset to sunrise, is a very nice experience. And the temperature is cooler, a very important side note.

By 7 am I was all set up in Tylerhorse Canyon, ready to take a nap. There were a few struggles here…

First there were the red ants. Ok, lets not cowboy camp but let’s put up my tent. Done. But the sun will transform my tent into a sauna as soon as she gets in here. I’m tired, I deal with that when the issue occurs. That was an hour later. I can’t see shady spots. Hershy found a tree downstream and I went over there. Looks good! I sleep for three hours and wake up soaking wet. That sun came to say hello again. I go to the other side of the tree. This should cover me for the rest of the day. It did!

All day long hikers joined us to hide from the sun and it’s heat.

Most of the hikers took off around 7pm. We were planning to start hiking at 10 so we had a few more hours of rest left. During the day it was mostly too hot to get some sleep, even after finding the right spot. By now the sun was out of the canyon and it started to cool down a bit. My alarm woke me up around 10 but the three of us decided we needed some more sleep.

My new alarm was set at 3am.

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