Day 47: Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi

Day 47, June 19, Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi, 17 miles (27.4 km)

As soon as I started packing up at 3 this morning (can you even call that morning?) I noticed not much was happening in the other tent. I went over to talk to Hershy but all I heard was Quoi saying: ‘I don’t want to’. She did her longest day on trail yesterday so I guess she was in for some more sleepy time. I get that, I really do. They made the decision to stay in the canyon for another day and hike out tonight. I was ready to be out of there and said my goodbye’s. The first two hours my views were limited to the small light circle my head torch created. The plan was to be over with the climb by the time the sun was up. It worked out great. When the first light hits in it reveals the landscape you walked through in the dark. Always a nice surprise.

At the top of the climb I found a water cache with chairs, some snacks and food. What a nice setup Daniel, Larry, Robert & Patti created here. There was no word on trail or on the internet about this spot which made it a very nice surprise. I sat down, had two bottles of water and a banana.

I watched the sun get higher and higher and took off for the last nine miles to the road where I would hitch into Tehachapi. All the way I overlooked the Tehachapi Wind Farm until I finally dropped into it.

On my way down I saw the famous Joshua trees for the first time. They come in all shapes and sizes. I took a lot of pictures. The shapes of these trees have a very appealing effect, it’s a pleasure walking in between them.

Not much later I got to the road and started hitching. Ghost, another hiker, joined me but there were few cars and less luck. I decided to call a trail angel from Tehachapi. Fifteen minutes later three hikers were driven into town. The airco in the car was an enormous relief from the heat. It was just after 10 but it was practically no longer possible to sit or stand in this boiling desert.

Soon we were at The Best Western but our rooms weren’t ready yet so we dropped our packs and headed over to the Red House Bbq Grill. I chose the brisket and it was delicious.

The rest of the day I cleaned myself and my clothes and updated my blog.
I just ordered a meat lover pizza from a place a few blocks away and it will be delivered at my door any minute now.

2 thoughts on “Day 47: Tylerhorse Canyon to Tehachapi

  1. Thanks voor het aanvullen van je blog terug, je hebt alweer heel wat lezers bij trouwens, grtjs ook van de zoon van dimis die ook je blog nu volgt. Het is echt iedere keer uitkijken naar je verhaal. Hou je goed he! En smakelijk voor de pizza!

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