Day 48: Tehachapi

Day 48, June 20, Tehachapi, 0 miles (0 km)

I woke up too late for breakfast. I went over to the lobby for a glass of orange juice and enjoyed it while reading the local paper. Quoi, Hershy and Archy arrived while I was in there. They booked a room here as well. 

Soon after we went over to Kmart for some shopping. Burger King was just next door so we decided to grab a burger. 

We didn’t really do much for the rest of the day besides relaxing. In the evening we went over to the Midori Sushi and damn, the sushi was delicious. And very lowpriced as well. Definitely a recommendation! 

Later in the evening Hershy his mother, brother and aunt were planning on staying the night here as well. They live in Washington state but were on their way back from a funeral in Arizona. 

Me, however, retreated to my room and watched some tele. An hour later I went over to the lobby to use the computer for ordering my snowgear. I ordered an ice axe and microspikes. That should get me through the Sierra Nevada!

Tomorrow I’ll propably join Quoi and Hershy on a ride to Lake Isabella. This will skip a portion of the last section of the desert but I’m ok with it. At the moment there is a heat wave going through the desert and it’s not possible to walk during the day. And the night hiking is not really that interesting. And to be really honest, I’m done with the desert. It has been beautiful and special but after nearly a 1000 km it’s time for some different scenery.

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