Day 49: Lake Isabella

Day 49, June 21, Lake Isabella, 0 miles (0 km)

We were on the road around 11. Mitch, Hershy’s brother, dropped us off at Lake Isabella. I said my goodbye’s and wished him the best for his long ride home.

I checked in at the Lake Isabella motel and went to my basic but cozy room and immediately I turned on the airco. Damn, it’s hot out here. 

I got an email saying that my snowgear will be delivered at Kennedy Meadows next monday. This means I can take my time here. This will take me into the Sierra’s around June 25. Seems like a good date, especially this year. The snowy, icy conditions this year have taken their toll on humans so far. Some people lost their lives and others have been badly injured. Every day the snow keeps melting under the blistering sun is an extra.

One thought on “Day 49: Lake Isabella

  1. Wees maar voorzichtig in de sneeuw! Veel succes alvast en we zijn al benieuwd naar de nieuwe verhalen over je nieuwe wandeling in de sneeuw, wat je zal ontmoeten en hoe je het beleeft!

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