Day 50: Lake Isabella

Day 50, June 22, Lake Isabella, 0 miles (0 km)

Germany – Chili: 1-1

The Confedarations Cup’s match to watch so far was ok but not really that great. The Germans are playing with a new, young squad but they already seem to have adapted to the German standard. They will be dangerous, as always, next year in the World Championship.

It seems like the heat wave just won’t end. Man, and women, I’m telling you, it is just too hot to do anything around here! To get to the small town of Lake Isabella you have to walk on the bridge over the highway, about half a mile. But trust me, it is a serious undertaking to expose yourself to this grueling sun.

I went over to the store nevertheless cause I needed some snacks for my last stretch to Kennedy Meadows. I plan on getting back on trail at Walker Pass tommorow evening around 6pm but it’s still gonna be over 100f (38c) by then. I’ll probably have to wait for the sun to go under to start walking. 
In the afternoon the lady of the motel knocked on my door to tell me that my airco didn’t sound very healthy. Indeed, it was loud. She didn’t want to take any chances so she gave me another room. So I changed rooms! Number 8 is my new hideaway from the heat!

In the evening I went to the Shady Lane Bar for a burger and a couple of beers. It’s a nice bar to hang around, the jukebox doing it’s thing. I didn’t want to make it too late since I didn’t want to get too waisted. I know how it goes… Before you know… You get it, right?

So, that didn’t really work out as planned… I met up with some locals and played pool until the bar closed. Damn it! Tomorrow will hurt!

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