Day 54: Walker Pass Campground

Day 54, June 26, Walker Pass Campground, 0 miles (0 km)
After hiding from the heat all day it was time to get back on trail around 5pm. April was driving me back but about halfway down the road she got a flat tire. Her car has no spare tire but instead the tires run flat slowly and you can go another for 40 to 50 miles. Never heard of that before… Anyway, we had to turn back. Her roommate was willing to drop me off at the Walker’s Pass campground so I took him up on the offer. When I got there, by then it was around 9.30pm, Michel, a swiss guy in his fifties, stumbled in as well. He had a long, exhausting day of walking, was out of food and water so was stoked to find out there was a water cache here. In addition I gave him a sandwich I packed out. 
Soon we were in our tent. We had a nice small spot under some Joshua trees. Tomorrow we are both gonna try to do quite the hitch to a dirtroad and then walk on to Kennedy Meadows. You’ll hear about that soon.

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