Day 56: Kennedy Meadows

Day 56, June 28, Kennedy Meadows, 0 miles (0km)

7.45am, shuttle from the store to Grumpy Bear’s restaurant, three miles down the road. I was there. While waiting for the shuttle I threw some discs to the disc golf basket. Nice start of the day.I went to Grumpy’s for two reasons, getting breakfast and picking up my bear canister. Breakfast consisted of eggs, bacon, potatoes and an enormous huge pancake. I couldn’t even eat half of it. It’s a lot of dough…

Grumpy’s is also the place where you can pick up your bear canister if you reserved it via the loan program. This means I don’t have to buy one, my only cost exists of returning the canister when I don’t need it anymore, probably South Lake Tahoe. A canister costs about 80 dollars, sending it back about 10. So I was very happy when I got an email, back in February, that I had succesfully reserved one of the fourty canisters.

Back at the store the biggest part of the day existed of relaxing on the deck. 

There are close to a 100 hikers so you somehow end up at different tables throughout the whole day, chatting along while having a drink.
I did check the store for my packages and they were all there. The box with food which I forwarded in Hiker Heaven and the microspikes and ice axe I ordered via REI were all delivered. Some people lost one of their boxes so I was happy to find out that mine were all here.

Tomorrow I gotta try to fit all my food in the bear canister and somehow try to fit the canister in my backpack.

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