Day 57: Kennedy Meadows

Day 57, June 29, Kennedy Meadows, 0 miles (0km)

I started the day with the 3 dollar shower. It always feels good to get cleaned up! I also rinsed some clothes while being in there.Afterwards I went to my tent and started to check out my resupply box and tried to put all my food in my bear canister. 
So, a bear canister is a must when going into the Sierra Nevada. It helps to maintain the bear population. The canister keeps the bears from smelling our food which means there are less encounters with humans. And that means less bears get shot. 

Altough the canister is filled to the top, I easily got 7 days worth of food in there.

I headed back to the deck at the store and worked on my blog and pictures for a while. There is wifi at the store but you can’t really do anything with it. Whatsapp, Instagram, my blog: forget about it… Grumpy Bear’s wifi is slightly better, making it possible to text the homefront. 

Anyway, I guess phone or internet connection will be nearly unexisting the next ten days. As soon as I get to Independence or Bishop I should be able to bring you up to date again. 

One thought on “Day 57: Kennedy Meadows

  1. Handig zo n bus! Wees voorzichtig in de bergen en k zal blij zijn na 10 dagen weer wat van je te horen, die sneeuwbergen maken me het meest angstig en vind ik heel spannend! Doe dat goed, zal serieuze tegenstelling zijn met de hitte afgelopen periode!

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