Day 58: Kennedy Meadows

Day 58, June 30, Kennedy Meadows, 0 miles (0km)

Laurence, aka Casa-Dude, and myself stayed most of the day at Grumpy’s. He just got his paycheck and was in for some drinks. Hours passed by very easily while talking about photography and talking with locals while drinking more than one.

Portrait of Casa-Dude

In the evening we sat at the deck and then I saw Sheila again. I hadn’t seen her since Mt Laguna, back at mile 42. She went off trail for over a week for a wedding. It was nice seeing her again. She is a very enthoustastic person, always in for a laugh. 

I watched the sun setting in a extremely beautiful way this evening. I think I never saw the sun turning this overwhelmingly pink before.

It was midnight when I got back to my tent and fell asleep immediately.

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