Day 63: South Fork Kern River to Death Canyon Creek

Day 63, July 5, South Fork Kern River to Death Canyon Creek, 14.3 miles (23km)

This morning I stayed in my tent until 8.30. I was under a big tree so there was no sun hitting my tent. Comfortable morning. 

By 9 I crossed the bridge and walked very gently uphill through the meadows around the river. Not long after I was climbing in the forest, crossing Cow Creek multiple times. Yesterday there was water every five miles, today almost every mile. Definitely a transition going on here. And the water creates an environment where fauna and flora are in a happy place.

On top of the climb I was walking through a forest full of Sequoia trees. They got all kind of interesting shapes and they seem to be enormously strong. That being said, there were a lot of fallen trees next to the trail. But it was a very nice walking experience. 

Now and then the forest opened up and made place for fields filled with big rock formations. Actually my campsite for the night has a small formation where someone took the opportunity to make a fireplace in it. I wish I could fit this sculpture in my living room.

I arrived at the creek where I was planning to camp for the night and saw the first people since I left camp this morning. We are all camped together and will walk into Lone Pine tomorrow morning.

Oh, almost forget to tell you… Maybe you noticed it while seeing the pictures but the biggest part of the day the sky was covered with clouds. Believe me, that is a big thing after the desert. And it even rained today, all be it very light rain. I also saw my first snowpatch again since San Jacinto. A lot of firsts today! 

Just one more thing: dinner was great tonight. I served myself a mix of rice and pasta with cheddar & broccoli. On top of that I added some bacon pieces, sardines and the oil the sardines came with. I’m telling you, probably my best meal on trail so far.

2 thoughts on “Day 63: South Fork Kern River to Death Canyon Creek

  1. Heel mooi zeg daar met die bomen en rotsen! En kaka geloven dat na die hitte het een zegen was terug wat wolken te zien en de regen te voelen! Veel succes nog he zoon van mij! We love you!

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