Day 64: Death Canyon Creek to Horseshoe Meadow

Day 64, July 5, Death Canyon Creek to Horseshoe Meadow, 15.4 miles (24.8km)

By 7.30 this morning we were on our way. Pretty soon everyone found it’s own pace and everyone was walking on their own. It was a long uphill section out of camp, mostly going through the same environment I walked through yesterday. The Sequoia NP is a stunning place to wander around.

When I was around 10000 feet (3000m) of elevation all of a sudden my phone in my pocket made all kind of noises. That meant service. I took a small break and texted with my girl back home. From there onward I walked all the way to a junction where you can walk down to Horseshoe Meadow. Horseshoe Meadow is a very enjoyable place with nice little streams running through it, being flanked by forests and mountains with snowy patches.

Except for the beautiful nature, there’s not much there except for a campground and the road leading up to it. That road goes all the way down to Lone Pine over more than 20 miles. That was why I went over there, hoping to get a ride from some dayhikers or campers. I placed myself strategically at the the crossing of the two parking places, knowing any car that would take off had to pass me. Not much later I saw a young couple walking to their car and went over to ask them for a ride. At first they said they only had to go to the Whitney Portal so I retracked my steps to where my pack was, hoping for more people to drive down the mountain. However, by the time they passed me they said they would take me all the way to Lone Pine. I guess I must have become quite good at showing a look of desperation. 

They dropped me off in the middle of the small town that Lone Pine is. I took my phone and checked for the cheapest accomodation. Not much later I was taking a shower, and then another one because the dirt that covered me seemed like it had become part of my skin. After the two showers I was ok with it and went to the local laundry place to wash my smelly clothes. While waiting for my laundry I decided to have a beer or two at Jake’s Saloon. Cool pub, they got a shuffle board, pool tables and even a ping-pong table. 
Not much later I was ready to go to bed in my airco-cooled motel room.

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