Day 65: Lone Pine

Day 65, July 7, Lone Pine, 0 miles (0 km)

I slept until past 9 this morning. When I woke up I started updating my blog. This always takes quite some time. But so far I love doing it. It’s a good way to let the homefront know what’s going on and in the future I will be happy to look back at my journal.

I went to the store to buy some more sardines in olive oil. I really liked my evening meal from two days ago. And it must be good fuel cause yesterday I felt really strong while going uphill. 

Seems like the four others I camped with the evening before made it to Horseshoe Meadow late in the afternoon. They couldn’t find a ride that late so they had to camp there in the hope of finding a ride in the morning. I know this because I ran into Jeff (aka Smokey) when he walked out of the store with a giant birthday cake for Laurel, his girlfriend he met on trail. There are a lot of trail couples. The further down the trail, the more couples it provides. 

The rest of the day I did some small chores like cleaning my cooking pot, backflushing my water filter and walking over to the library to use a proper computer. In the evening I had some fish ‘n’ chips in a local restaurant and afterwards went over to Jake’s Saloon for a couple of beers.

One thought on “Day 65: Lone Pine

  1. We genieten tellens weer van je blog hoor en zo kunnen we inderdaad goed meevolgen wat je aan het doen bent. Het gemis zou anders onhoudbaar zijn! En inderdaad voor jou ook heel tof als herinnering! Heel mooi daar zo te zien in de bergen met sneeuw! Net gezien op instagram!

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