Day 67: Horseshoe Meadow to Chicken Spring Lake

Day 67, July 9, Horseshoe Meadow to Chicken Spring Lake, 7.9 miles (12.7 km)

Around 11 Lydia and myself headed to the local Totem cafe for some food. I had a burger, she went for a plate of nachos. Afterwards, she went to the store to buy some more ramen for the next stretch while I went over to McDonalds to see Moises. He is a few days ahead of me but somehow ended up in Lone Pine for the day. So good to see him again, I really like that guy! Lydia & I met up at the Whitney Gear mobile shop to try to get a hitch back to Horseshoe Meadow. It is a long hitch, and the road only leads to the campground. But I told you that before, didn’t I?
Still our hopes were high since it was Sunday today.

It worked out perfectly! The third car that passed by stopped in front of us and the driver was more than happy to take us. I’m telling you, hitchhike with a girl and your chances increase by fifty percent.

Richard, the driver, was going to the campground to get used to the elevation before climbing Mt Whitney in two days. I am planning to be on top of the highest mountain in the lower 48 states in two days as well. I let you know if I run into him up there.

By 3.30 in the afternoon we crossed Horseshoe Meadow for the second time and were on our way to the PCT again. We had to climb out of there for about two miles to get back on trail at Trail pass. We decided we would walk to Chicken Spring Lake and set camp there. 
Again I found myself in the stunning Sequoia NP and again I took a lot of pictures of these magnificent trees. 

I’m not gonna post more pictures of these trees today since I want to use my data for a new scenery. You’ll find out in just a few seconds time.

By 6pm I was at the outlet of Chicken Spring Lake, filtered water and walked 3 minutes to the actual lake. 
And then, there it was, a lake flanked by rocky moutains with here and there some snowpatches. What a spot to camp I thought and put up my tent. 

The sun started to hide behind the mountains when Lydia arrived and I immediately asked her if she wanted to take my picture. 

After dinner I retreated to my tent to escape the mosquitos.

Halfway typing this post the frogs started singing and right now the lake is slowly disappearing in the darkness while the sky is lightning up with stars. Good times.

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